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Top 3 Unmissable Content Marketing Trends Today that Will Carry to 2020

In the age of the internet and the convenience it brings, it would not be too tiring to talk about the challenges it brings. You see, where the internet has made information access extremely easy, it has also added several complications. These are both for the businesses putting out this information and also for readers that want it.

The Readers’ Perspective

The very first thing that you must consider as a reader is how difficult it is for you to find the perfect content. Of course, if you want to see what day it is, you Google it, and you will find an answer immediately. But if your query was a slight bit trickier, you know that you would be loaded with so much information that it would essentially become impossible to separate relevant information from irrelevant one.

The Businesses’ Perspective

On the other hand, businesses that are trying to put out information have so much competition that they cannot get their information to the readers. This is because the world, at present, has more than a billion websites. Being on top of the search results in such a case is close to impossible. So, even if an organization does create fantastic content, it cannot be stand out from all the information overload. 

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The only way for organizations to stand out then is to invest in great content marketing. The trends most apparent in this field that are to carry on in the coming years are:

– Covering the Micro-Moments

In consumer behavior, micro-moments is defined as the reflexive need to act. This is usually a need to learn, discover, watch or buy something using a medium – typically a smartphone. It is in these moments really when preferences are molded, and they seek out this information. However, in a scenario where there is so much information, so much of it is irrelevant, there is no doubt that the consumer will find himself/herself frustrated.

Mainly, all customer interactions with your brands could then be described as micro-moments — moments where your customer had a strong intent to acquire your offering. A brand willing to cater to customers must not only appeal to them but also be relevant.

In keeping with this very premise, micro-marketing campaign moments are designed to effectively grab customers’ attention in the few seconds that they will be looking at the screen. To do so, content marketing is one of the essential tools that any business has. In making this content more compelling, two main component matter:

1. Value-Driven Content

Content that is researched and enables the reader to glean essential insights. This will make the content, unlike any other on the web. Furthermore, several websites might even cite your work to their readers, hence increasing the number of people that read your work.

You can give this content more value if you add time-saving cues for your reader. This includes pictures, diagrams, info-graphics, stats, and so on.

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2. Brand Value

The other important component is to ensure that your readers understand what benefit they glean off of your content in comparison to several different types of contents. In this, you answer the question of how, when and why for your customers. Without any value offered, customers are likely to prioritize some other brand over yours.

What this does is not just push the customer to checkout pages when they do not want to, but create a wanting to see the checkout page. This enables extreme consumer reactivity and gets you results like never before.

Use of Content Clusters

Content clustering is more of a strategy. It involves creating multiple contents around one principle topic to increase customer interaction. How does this work? Well, the conventional method of merely creating various contents around a keyword is ineffective. It is inefficient because not only does it compete with your competitors but also with your content made for a similar keyword.

However, with content clusters, you usually create a piece called the Pillar Page. This page includes a detailed analysis of the main topic that you want to cover for your customers. However, it leaves several areas to be discussed later. This piece is usually over 3000 words. Then, from this very piece, new pieces are derived that discuss the absent areas on the pillar page. As a result, the original content complements, rather than substitutes, the old pillar page.

This gives you two significant benefits:

  1. Establishes your brand as an authority on the subject because you have multiple publications in that niche.
  2. Improves readability by providing readers with complementary pieces that are organized and add value. As a part of this strategy, several back links may be added to your cluster contents.

Optimizing your Content for Voice Search

The constant evolution in technology has created some fantastic techniques. One of these is the voice search technology. Voice search in this context is not when you use the voice to words input on the google website, but software such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana and what not.

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Now since a considerable proportion of people are coming from smartphones, organizations know that they must accommodate for quick questions that their customers will ask on the go. Without quick answers to customers’ problems, there is no way that an organization can capitalize on smartphone users that use voice search.

Furthermore, it is not just merely catering to a segment of customers but also the need to have a great SEO rating. Google’s algorithm prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. This means that since voice search is mobile-responsive, Google will bring a website on top of its search results because it caters to cell phones faster.

Final Word

In keeping with these trends, organizations have created unmissable content. Not just unmissable but often pieces of content might gain so much fame that they become the de facto piece in a niche. In that context, every other content might also refer to this piece to prove their point or to increase their SEO rating.