9 Truths no one tells you about being a blogger

Blogging is one of the most fun and promising career prospects nowadays. People around you may have started to take an interest in blogging. As a matter of fact, if you use the internet quite actively, you may have one or two websites bookmarked that you visit regularly. It could be for self-help, viral content, unique content, and stories or only fashion advice. No matter what, blogging in the modern age of the internet is a big industry, housing millions of players.

Each of these bloggers continues to inspire us to start our own ventures. You may have a very creative idea. It could be that you are really good with a paintbrush or regularly dabble in poetry. No matter what your skill set is, the world of blogging is full of opportunities where you can make your potential worthwhile. 

However, blogging is not really easy. Most bloggers crash out in the first few months because they do not digest the reality of blogging. As with every business venture, blogging takes time. Your blog will have absolutely no impressions in the beginning, and it may feel like you are losing the plot. But you need to stay consistent and post valuable content to meet your goals. This is where you are separated from the amateurs of blogging.

There are many underlying facts about blogging that you will not find readily available on the internet. The condition is that you will need to do a bit of research in order to get the information you are looking for. Blogging may seem like the most fun activity that you can adopt as full-time work, but in order to make it a business, you will need to devote time, set your priorities right, and most importantly, adopt and practice patience as an essential value of your character and conduct.

If you are thinking of creating a blog, stop for a moment and follow our advice to make your start perfect. Stay up to date with the latest trends and go for it! Below are some truths about blogging that you always ought to know:

1. Writing based on SEO is changing

Although for years it has been one of the most critical and most obsessive elements when writing a post, the truth is that the next trends predict to leave this practice aside – without abandoning it – in favor of a better quality of content and originality that helps SEO. The old techniques will continue to work, but something else is sought.

2. You will have to collaborate with others, even if you don’t want to

Guest blogging is one of the practices that should operate as long as it works as a plus for your blog to get more exposure. It will help you expand your reach and also increase your personal relationships by making yourself known. In addition, it will help you promote your personal brand image, to greater visibility in your social profiles and will provide qualified reference traffic. Guest blogging in content marketing is one of the healthiest practices of a blog.

3. The email will continue to be the best way to connect (and sell)

Blogs are great, but newsletters are even better. Combine these two platforms: your subscribers along with your quality blog and you will have the winning mix. If someone gives you their email, they want to hear more from you. If you send them quality content, they will share it, promote it, and in the future, this relationship will become a faithful purchaser or customer. The email marketing works just as well now as it did some years ago.

4. You must know all the ins and outs of having a blog

If you pay too much attention to SEO optimized content, to the more technical aspects such as the server, look for more visits at all costs, graphics etc. you will lose the focus of your work. If you really want to have a successful blog, you have to focus on what you do really well. If you are a writer, focus on your stories, if you are an innovator focus on looking for new ideas. Use tools that speed up the rest of the tasks as well as hire experts to help you with the technicalities and you can dedicate yourself to what is best for you. There has to be a middle ground here, and you cannot always occupy yourself with the secondary aspects of blogging. Focus on primary, the rest will follow.

5. Data, research and statistics are now more straightforward and more integrated than ever

One of the best things about starting to be a blogger today is that it is simpler than ever. We are more familiar with the data and statistics provided by the numerous tools that are available to us. Therefore, having a blog is becoming more and more professional. Google Analytics, for example, will help you measure the number of your visits, the success of your last posts, the bounce rate. Data can be easily interpreted by the average user.

6. Responsive design is no longer optional

Google has already been prioritizing those websites with a responsive design over those that can only be seen on computers. If you are really thinking about starting a blog, you must, therefore, make sure to choose a theme with a design adapted for this format. The good news is that WordPress designs are already adjusted for responsive design without requiring much effort on your part.

7. Increase the importance of audio and video content

As the data rate increases, the demand for video and audio by users increases. The text is no longer enough, and the platforms are already adapted to withstand all configurations. Do not forget to use different formats to make your new blog something more original and attractive. Any content agency you find, you will see this advice being promoted.


8. Customize, personalize and post

A couple of years ago, everyone wanted their blog to look like a great company with a large budget reflected in their graphics, photos, design… However, lately, the trend is heading towards personalisation. People are becoming more and more interested in those with a more personal, small appearance and close experience. Therefore, if you are thinking about starting, do not forget to be professional but in a personal way including photos of yourself, stories and unique things that make a connection with the user.

9. Write about what you are passionate about and go ahead!

Finally, it is useless to want to create a blog if you do not have in mind what you want to do, get, the theme or if you are not going to enjoy along the way. Find out what you can bring to others, what are the advantages of starting this adventure now for that.

The road is not easy, but having these latest trends clear will not be as difficult as starting from scratch. And if you have decided, welcome to the world of blogs!