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Why you should be Offering Value-Based Content on your blog

In this day and age, everything is digitized. No matter how brilliant of a business idea one has, the key to be, and stay, successful, is to come up with a rock-solid marketing plan to sell that idea to the customer and to do that, you need to remember, content is still king.

However, the question arises: what kind of content hits it home every time with the customer? The kind which will guarantee you monetary return on investment.

The answer is straight and simple: value-based content.

Value-based Content is the Key

To say that value-based content is needed for a company, business or an idea of a business to be successful would be a gross understatement. It is essentially the most important thing. No SEO gimmicks, uses of keywords and phrases or marketing strategies could possibly undervalue well-written content.

The online market is extremely saturated. When you start a business, there will probably be hundreds of people that are doing the same thing, selling the same thing or maybe a slight variation of it. What makes one business stand out from the crowd is that the content offered is “valuable” to the customer.

Any potential buyer will most likely go through your content to determine what you have to offer them and how is it more beneficial from every other product available in the market. If the content is designed to merely showcase the company’s products and no what benefits it provides for the customer, it will probably never sell.

Put the Customer First, Reap the Rewards

Today’s customer is smart. They don’t want to be “sold,” rather they want to be guided through and informed about why this product will make life easy for them; that is precisely what value-based content does.

Focus on the customer, not your product and your business idea will sell, without you ever having to talk about it.

According to Jasmine Star, a photographer and business strategist who helps entrepreneurs grow on social platforms, “The goal is to create valuable content for your customers. So who is your customer?

Put yourself in her shoes and think of what she might be searching for.  What does she need help with? Now it’s your job to write helpful content to answer her questions.

For example, if you’re a graphic designer, valuable content might be:

  • How to design a business card
  • The best fonts to use in a logo
  • Three tips to design your first website.”

Use Value-based Content to Showcase Your Skills

Providing the above mentioned value-based content will not only put the customer first by providing them assistance but also showcase your skills and what you have to offer.

No customer would be interested in, let’s say, hiring a photographer, if they do not feel the need for it and how it can help them.

Transitioning from product-based content to value-based content

Therefore, the shift from product-based content to customer-centric, value-based content is necessary. However, it is easier said than done.

Coming up with product based content is easy; you list out your products on offer, their features and what they can do. It’s the value-based content that is difficult to come up with since value is relative, meaning what one person might find valuable, may not be worth a great deal to another. Businesses need to know their customers, their likes and dislikes and what would appeal to them more. Understanding who your target audience are, is probably the most important step in coming up with content that sells.

Quality Over Quantity

What this ultimately comes down to, is the oldest rule in the book: quality over quantity.

Yes, it is important that keep coming up with regular content to maintain an online presence when there is so much competition but any content with zero value is unlikely to prove beneficial for your business.

People will know what you do but they would not know what you do for “them” and this lack of value-based content will eventually render them indifferent about what services you have to offer.

To provide value-based content, find out what is popular, what people are talking about and what is trending. Keep you content fresh and make sure you answer queries asked by your niche audience on social media forums or maybe even in your comments section.

Not only is valuable content a great way to showcase your services, it is also an easy way to build trust among customers. Remember to provide guidance and information in good faith to the customer, with the intention of actually helping them and you will most definitely find them returning to you for more.

“The goal of creating valuable content is to position you as a professional,” says Star.

Try finding new ideas to remain engaged with your audience and solving customer-related issues. Once you establish yourself as someone who puts the customer/buyer/reader first, you are likely to see a boost in your business and the traffic that you attract.