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Why you should go for content writing as a career choice

Choosing a career can be a daunting thing for many people. After all, your entire lifestyle ultimately depends on what you do. It is the phase of life that you have to carry on until your retirement.  

With countless career options out there, choosing one can be tricky. If we go back a couple of decades, there were far fewer career options available to a person. But now, thanks to all the technological advancement, people can make a career sitting at home. Examples include YouTubing, online teaching, web designing, content writing, etc. In this article, we’ll illustrate why you should choose content writing as your career choice.

What Is Content Writing

Those of you who are unaware, content writing is a type of writing, which is closely related to online marketing. You write the unique content that is displayed on websites that are used to promote or advertise something. The writers work according to the requirements set forth by their clients. The best part about it is the fact that you can do this all at your home. So, no more worrying about working at an office 9-5.

Why Choose Content Writing

Choosing content writing as your career has a lot of benefits, with the biggest one being that you can work sitting at home. However, that is not it. Here are some more advantages that will surely make you want to be a content writer too!

No Physical Boundaries

Thanks to the never-ending technological advancements, content writers don’t face any physical boundaries when it comes to working. You can be all the way in the Maldives and working for clients in Canada. This makes the entire world your potential client. The possibilities are endless, and the sky’s the limit. If you are a skilled writer and have what it takes, you can gather clients from all around the world and make some good money as well.

Flexible Working Hours

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you think of a person that works in an office? Obviously, their 9-5 routine every day for 6 days a week. For content writers, this is not the case. You don’t have to wake at 8 every day and then suit up for your office. It gives you the liberty to choose your working hours. You can schedule them for the night before you go to sleep, or do it as soon as you wake up. You make your own schedule. All you need to do is meet the deadlines set by the clients. 

You’re The Boss

Yep, that’s absolutely right. While working as a content writer, you are your own boss. You get to choose when to work and for whom to work. You are not bound by any commands, and you choose your own holidays too. Neither do you have to follow any strict formalities that you would otherwise have to if you were an employee at a company. You get to do what you want. However, there still is a limit to it. You have to adhere to the requirements that are set forth by the client. The most common one is the deadline. You can not choose the deadline as you wish. The client tells you about it. Moreover, it would be best if you did the work as demanded by the client, or you risk losing one. 

You Keep The Profits

Another great thing about working as a content writer is that you get to keep all the profits to yourself. You don’t have to share anything with anyone. It’s just like being a sole trader business owner. Let’s assume that you and your client enter a deal for $10 for writing an Amazon affiliate article. Once you do it, the $10 payment you receive is all yours. You don’t have to pay a sum of it to anyone else. Considering this, you can have an idea about how much you can earn with your hard work and dedication. Moreover, once you make a healthy client base, you can earn much more than an average employee. Also, you can earn tons of money if you become an influencer and get into content marketing.

Work Wherever You Want

As a content writer, you are not bound by your home, or by an office to do your job. Thanks to the portability of computers and mobiles, you can work wherever you want. For instance, you have to go out of town with your friends or family, you can take along your laptop and work there. Moreover, due to the super fast and efficient processors that come in mobile phones now, you can even work on your smartphone if a laptop is not available. Imagine sitting at a cafe, drinking your favorite coffee, and making money at the same time…


Another thing about content writing that makes it an attractive career choice is the diversity that it offers. There are numerous kinds of content that you can choose to write upon. It is all a matter of your likes and dislikes. For instance, you can choose to write articles related to technology, or maybe opt for writing advertisements and promotions for cosmetics. Also, you always have the choice to change the kind of topics you want to work on. However, it is best that you write content on things that you have knowledge about, and have an interest too. When you work with passion and enthusiasm, you will never get bored of it!

You Make Your Own Success

As mentioned earlier, when you work as a content writer, the skies are the limit. You work by yourself and for yourself. You don’t get any limitations, nor do you have to rely on anyone else to get the work done. This means that if you are dedicated and hardworking enough, you can be a very successful content writer with several clients, and many more in the queue.

Moreover, once you master SEO optimized content, you can earn much more than an average content writer. This is because clients look for writers who can make the content appear above other competitive websites. The keywords you use have a significant impact on the results that the general public sees when they search for something on the web. If you get those keywords right, your content will appear above the rest, leading to more clicks and a happy client!

No Qualification Necessary

This is the last advantage that is worth mentioning, although it does not mean that you put a stop to your education. It was worth mentioning as it is one of the few careers that you can build without needing a professional degree. If you have a good grip over the language and are skilled enough to write great content, not having a degree would not be a hurdle between you and a successful career. However, keep in mind that a degree would definitely assist you as you’d have much more knowledge and control over your writing. 

Nevertheless, it is a great option for students who are studying and want to earn some money as well. Also, it is excellent for those too who were not fortunate enough to get a degree for whatever reason!


Keeping all these benefits in mind, choosing content writing as a career is definitely not a bad choice. In fact, it is one of the best entrepreneurial careers that can take you a long way if you are skilled enough.