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Content Marketing Tactics: All you need to up your social media game.

Knowing how to promote a blog, yours, or that of your company, and achieve visibility, can be the turning point for your business to succeed.

Your blog is your home, your speaker, your means of communication. It is an ideal medium to show your know-how so that everyone knows what you know, how to do, and what place you want to occupy in the sector in which you move. We already know that specialization is one of the ways to become a reference, and you know? Promoting your blog is your gateway.


Maintaining your blog requires a lot of effort. We will not tell you the opposite, and statistics say that 90% of them are abandoned within a year. What makes us think this fact is that statistics are here to break them!

1. Strengthen your Personal or Company Brand

This strategy could well be a benefit of your blog since there is mutual feedback. We want to tell you about it first because it is directly proportional to having a more visible and better-positioned blog with unique content. That is to say:

The better your personal or company brand, the more visibility your blog has. And vice versa: promoting a blog improves your branding.

The good thing about having an excellent personal brand, with a good digital reputation is that it amplifies the rest of the actions that we will see in this post. Therefore, do not hesitate to work it, and you will see that, over time, visits come to your blog. Take care of her, and she will take care of you.

2. Show the benefits of your content to users

It is common to find publications in different digital media, social networks, etc., which disseminate content without thinking about the content itself. We mean there is little curation of content, and we only find that the title is copied. We have to remember that what our target audience wants to read are the benefits we bring to them, just like we do when we have that role.

Therefore, when promoting a blog, remember to highlight those points of interest for those who will want to read you. And that happens when:

  • You answer their questions.
  • You satisfy their needs.

3. Promote your blog on social networks

Social networks are the ideal place to apply what we just said in the previous point. We start from the fact that the copy you are going to work on them highlights what your blog brings to your followers. Now, the important thing is to take advantage of the tools offered by each of them.

Broadcast on LinkedIn and Facebook. In these two Social Networks, you can promote your blog in a few ways:

4- The specialized groups:

Groups are the way you can reach a more specific audience, and that values ​​the content you publish on your blog. You may reach fewer people with them, but the visits you are going to take to your website are of better quality since you are looking for specialization.

5- Company Page and Fan page:

Surely here you have your most loyal fans since they are the ones who have decided to follow your most specific content. Their profiles are similar to those of the groups, with the plus that, if they are there, it is because they value your contributions.

Use each of these channels knowing the profile of the users there, and adapt your message to them.

6- Twitter broadcast

On Twitter, all profiles are equal, which facilitates the presence of your brand. Surely you know that here it is useless to tweet once a day. Keep in mind that, minimum, you have to make four tweets.

7- Instagram broadcast

Instagram is not the best social network to promote a blog, quite the opposite. In it, the links cannot be clicked, except in your bio and in the Stories (if you have more than 10,000 followers).

There is an old tactic that we still see in the profiles, and it is to change the link of your bio with that of your most recent post. That way, the publication refers to visiting your profile and being able to click on that URL.

This is a key inbound marketing strategy. Interested in inbound marketing? Read everything you need to know about it.

8. Use Social Ads and Google Ads

You already know that the organic reach in social networks is scarce, and appearing on the first page of the SERPs is complicated. This leads us to the need to create ads to make our blog look more. There are several reasons why you may want to promote a post, for example, that you are announcing a new service on it or that you are giving away some unique content.

What is essential to keep in mind is that you should not do it on all social networks. No matter how cheap Facebook or Instagram is, if your Buyer Persona is not in them, do not invest there because you will be spending your money. You will see that this piece of advice is largely endorsed by any content agency in the world.

9. The power of social aggregators

In content marketing, Social aggregators are a simple, secure, and speedy way to spread your blog. We define content aggregators as “websites where you can upload the link of your blog post so that it can be voted and shared by the rest of the users of that site.”

You see how simple. It’s just that, open a profile on them and upload the URLs of your blog. Once done, you categorize it, and the rest of the community is responsible for voting and disseminating them. Of course, they expect you to do the same.

10. Create a newsletter

It is a customary blogger to inform subscribers of a blog whenever there is new content posted on it. You will say, “Ugh, that’s spam.” No, it is not. Remember strategy two in which we talked about highlighting the benefits for your users and not being inbred.

Obviously, if you are very heavy, sending emails, you will lose subscribers. Therefore, when you submit your Newsletter, make it visually pleasing and highlight in it what will be resourceful for your audience if they follow the link to your post.

11. With internal links or interlinking

Have you noticed that in this post, we have recommended you read other posts from our blog? That is interlinking or internal linking. It’s about taking advantage of the visits that other blog posts already receive and linking some phrase or word with the post you want to spread.

You can do it whenever you just published new content and, also, studying, which are the pages that have more visits in your blog and place that link there. This is an SEO optimized content strategy that is highly recommended for a blog content strategy.

12. Quote references from your sector in your post

If you want to promote a blog among the greats of your industry, it is convenient to mention them on social networks or notify them with a private message that appears in your post.

But beware, because these Influencers already receive many of these mentions. So do not do it because. If you want to take advantage of them or share your content, which implies excellent visibility for you, talk about them in your post. If you don’t, they will consider you a spammer.


The abovementioned tips are actionable strategies and can work wonders for you. The condition is that you will need to remain consistent with them and do not snap back if initially, it does not give you the results. All you have to do is implement our advice above, sit back, and relax while success knocks your door.