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Are you guilty of these seven deadly sins of content marketing? Find out now

Content marketing has become a great tool for businesses to grow and prosper in today’s world. However, many of these businesses fail to take full advantage of this incredible tool. They do so by falling guilty of seven deadly sins of content marketing. These include:

1. Deadly Sin Number 1: GREED

Content marketing needs to be implemented with a firm strategy at the base. If you don’t follow the strategy and become greedy to achieve results before time, the ship will sail south. You need to understand the reason behind the strategy and purpose of the content. Becoming greedy will only portray your greediness to the customers who will quickly pick up that you are only looking for sales without much to offer.

Most businesses that become greedy often lack consistency in their content with no long-term planning. As a result, the message is misunderstood by the target audience and creates problems for the company. To avoid this, you need to make sure that your content is consistent with the purpose clearly stated and communicated. Doing so will direct the business towards growth and prosperity.

2.Deadly Sin Number 2: PRIDE

Pride becomes a deadly sin of content marketing when marketers focus on the content that attracts their interest rather than the target audiences. This is not to discredit the efforts made by marketers. They do put in a lot of energy and time to create content. However, the focus this time and energy creating content that seems amazing to them without considering the wants and desires of the audience. Consequently, the brand suffers.

To avoid this deadly sin, you need to realize that the content you create is to communicate the knowledge to other people. Therefore, it should be created considering the needs and desires of the target audience, not what seems interesting to you. To revolve the content around the target audience, you need to gain knowledge about them. How they deal with their business and life, in general, are two important factors that you need to consider.

Engaging with customers is the most effective way of learning about them. You can talk to them via online forums, run surveys through them, observe their social activities online. The more you know about them, the better and unique content you can create, which directly impacts them.

3. Deadly Sin Number 3: Absence of storytelling

With the age of the internet at its peak, people have access to a variety of information online at all times. However, much of this information lacks context and wisdom. Hence, it fails to leave an impact on the reader. Similarly, if you create content for content marketing without adding context or storytelling, you are simply making additions to the noise available online with no insight or wisdom.

Therefore, adding a story to your content is extremely important. Adding a story makes the content more engaging and human. People relate to it in different ways. The most important part is that people tend to remember the content through these stories.

4. Deadly Sin Number 4: SLOTH

Sloth here is a metaphor for living so deeply in the present that you fail to acknowledge the consequences of the future. This is another deadly sin that content marketers can fall prey to. Creating content without considering how it would work out in the future is never good. Advance content planning is essential to catch opportunities at hand, which is constantly coming.

To avoid this deadly sin, you need to adopt the habit of planning content in advance. Moreover, you need to consider how today’s content will work out in the future. Use a calendar and jot down a full-fledged plan. Once you have a plan, you can make additions and subtractions as the market demands with time.

5. Deadly Sin Number 5: WRATH

Wrath is when a content marketer spends a good chunk of funds on creating content but fails to consider if it is actually what people are looking for. in simpler terms, great content is created without the support of SEO optimization. In digital marketing, if SEO optimized content is absent, it is of no use. As simple as that. If you have great content, but it is not reaching the people, then what is the whole point?

A simple and effective way of dealing with this is hiring a content agency. A content agency will create SEO optimized content using SEO tools. As a result, your great content won’t go to vain.

6. Deadly Sin Number 6: LUST

When lust develops in content marketers, they divert their focus from building trust and strengthening relationships to increase the number of traffic. As a result, they indulge in using cheap tactics to gain their desired number, which keeps on increasing. In this lust of getting more traffic, the end up jeopardizes the long-term value of the brand.

Therefore, it is important that you do not use deceptive and disruptive techniques in order to attain short term benefits. Divert your focus on building trust and relationships. You will automatically see the long-term benefits once you implement this strategy.

7. Deadly Sin Number 7: ENVY

Any content marketer who is envious of the content available online fails to develop a niche for his own content. As a result, the content lacks uniqueness, which is essential for it to stand out. Moreover, there is no general style guide that is followed. This lack of a style guide leads to inconsistency in the content since the writers are unaware of the ambitions and goals. Moreover, the message is not properly communicated to the audience, which is even worse.

Therefore, it is essential that you come up with a style guide that clearly dictates the kind and quality of content you require. It will improve the consistency of the content and make it unique.

8- In Conclusion

These seven deadly sins are what most content marketers fall prey to. However, hopefully, you have understood what each sin is and the consequences that come with it. If you actively work to avoid them, nothing can stop you from achieving content marketing success.