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4 Tips to Craft Content That Will Meet Google’s #1 Ranking Factor

Take a pause and ponder over the significance of SEO ranking for a business. The higher your Google ranking, the more your brand is credible, authentic, and qualitative. Right?

In this e-Commerce era, SEO continues to evolve magically and has opened tons of opportunities for brands to earn leads. Competitors are working hard to hit Google’s #1 ranking and get the trophy of the highest CTRs. Google ranking algorithm updates of 2016 and beyond like “Penguin 4.0” and “Possom” have screened an interactive and incredible searching experience.

Now, let’s see how to rock the 2019 game of SEO ranking.

Content quality 

SEO content is the igniting fuel of google ranking tool. Highly relevant SEO content plays a crucial role in covering a broad spectrum of business strategies. It would be helpful if you focus on producing quality content with captivating infographics and visuals. A quantitative content will drive the visitors away if they aren’t facilitated with real purpose. 

Take help from freemium keyword tools to explore trending keywords and then incorporate them into your blogs and website pages. Keywords will help your page gain maximum CTRs and traffic. Google’s semantic search discovers several optimized related keywords to conduct comprehensive research on the topic. Just link the picture below. 

Pay attention to the keyword density on the page as the keyword should at least be mentioned 9 to 10 times. For high ranking results, add the keyword in the heading, title, sub-headings, and 1st paragraph. 

Writers argue on the content length when it comes to SEO ranking, but it differs from topic to topic. Taking notes from Neil Patel, elaborative, and long articles receive more traffic and appear more frequently on Google search results. 

Just focus on writing natural and humanly content because, in the end, it is for the visitors, not the search engine. 

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Don’t forget to backlink your content!

Google’s algorithm, Penguin 4.0, hit websites with minimal or low-quality backlinks. An article supported with cited facts and statistics will build up Google’s trust to show up your page on the top. Nesting your page with other high-authority domains makes the user trust your words and brand. 

Photo by BackLinks

Keep your content evergreen on Google 

Google’s Freshness algorithm was introduced in June 2010, and since then, it has been filtering pages on search results. Google favors to show recent articles and keeps its SERPs features updated. For better understanding, search any topic on Google, and you will see that the top six to seven results are likely of the past six months. Have a look at the top three searches about digital marketing and their respective dates. 

For websites that want their old posts to remain on top Google search results, they need to revamp them. Update them, and SERPs will take care of the ranking, as depicted in the graph below. Edit and update them semesterly to keep your site relevant and lively on Google.

Schema code

SEO is becoming user-friendly to the newbies and small SEO startups. Schema markup code is a significant factor in maintaining good ties with SEO. It assists the search engine in understanding specific formats of phone numbers, addresses, contact details, reviews, and to name a few. Get an idea from the picture.

Photo by Raven Tools 

Applying a specific schema code for the website can be fruitful to rank high. You need to correctly define your location and contact details to Google so that the maximum audience can be invited to your page.

Domain Authority

Unique and meaningful domains are an organic method of improving search visibility. Google’s algorithm works in two domain formats, as explained below:

Exact-match domains are still Google’s old-school 

Search food on Google, as shown below. Apart from displaying results of food-related stuff, Google also shows up companies with the domain name “food.” 

Domain Age

Domain age is another measure of rankings. Newly launched domain names take time to bring their keywords in trend on Google while the great functioning domains retain top positions. 

Brand power and social signals

Branded and social signals can together drive maximum traffic and search visibility to the website. Branded searches are the top priority of Google’s search algorithm and prefer to boost its ranking through it. Searches made from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Quora are other additional social signals. Social media drives searches are trending and have made a considerable contribution to making the website crowded. 

The wrap

Hopefully, I have answered your query on how to increase google ranking. The cornerstone is to strictly follow Google’s algorithm and guidelines to make your brand light up at the ranking charts.